ALA’s New Tag Team

Joseph Ekpenyong  (Nigeria) and Desmond Mushi (Tanzania) are two Batesies ALA is proud to have.


It could be Mr Joe dancing or Mr Mushi calling you “chale” (friend). In the few months that they have been here, ALA students have already fallen in love with the duo. Both are recent Bates graduates, and outspokenly proclaim that neither would be here without the other. The two seem to do everything together but claim to be anything but best friends. Just two people who bonded over Fifa, watching football, and stealing each other’s fruit. They both ended up living on the same hall on campus, Classified and are already attached. Asked which other hall they would live in, Mr Desmond sweetly responded –his hall’s sister hall, Twawana and Mr Joseph slyly responded off campus. About college, Mr Desmond shares his thoughts on being an African student in the US. “I didn’t think I was an African before I went to the United States, I wasn’t even a Tanzanian, I was simply my mother’s son. You only become an African when you’re in an environment where you are forced to differentiate yourself from the rest.” He also recalls being asked questions like whether he had AIDS, because people had a single story of Africa. According to Mr Joseph, college was a breeze. He described having many friends and the small group of Africans he tended to relate to. He worked for a year in a boarding school in the USA and says that working in Africa is very different. He is very optimistic: “I feel like in Africa there’s so much more to do and to deal with.” Sharing this new experience together they never fail to be on the quad during frees, sitting with students during dinner even chilling on between the dorms before prep. Mr Desmond and Mr Joseph are more like ALA students than anything else. Welcome to ALA Mr. Desmond and Mr. Joseph.



By Lerato Rametse

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