Education for Africa, by Africa.

The African Baccalaureate is an Original Idea for Development which seeks to transform education on the African continent by creating a holistic curriculum geared at producing innovative, creative and passionate young Africans.

The idea for the AB was borne out of its founders’ frustration with the current systems of education across Africa – many of which are remnants of colonial legacy. Each founder felt that the emphasis placed only on grades and job-market success by most schools in their respective home countries was far from what Africa needed to create prosperity. They all identified the need for education that enshrine innovation, creative problem-solving and a devotion to Africa.

The founders – Jihanne Bettahi (Morocco) , Isaac van Heerden (South Africa) , Marie Kruesmann (Germany) , Addie Bullock (USA) and Chidumaga Orji (Nigeria) – banded together and hashed out the idea for a pan-African curriculum that incorporates tenets ranging from Entrepreneurial Leadership to African Studies. They also decided that learning under their proposed curriculum would be enhanced by the extensive use of technology, innovative teaching methodologies, new forms of classrooms and cross-curricular learning.

However, these plans are not set in stone. The team has come to understand how rigorous and time-consuming the establishment of a new curriculum is. Their study of Entrepreneurial Leadership has also taught them that one is to Understand a problem fully before Inventing solutions to it. As a result, the team is devoting their year in the Student Enterprise Program to using the ALA community to research changes they can impact within the education space. The AB team will also work closely with the ALA administration, as the African Baccalaureate is included in the latter’s strategic plans.

The members of the AB team are excited for the year ahead, and for the audacity of the cause they are championing. “It’s not going to be an easy task”, AB team member person X confides, “but each one of us is 100% dedicated and 100% passionate and that will go a long way in positioning us for success”.

African Baccalaureate is another team under the Student Enterprise Program (SEP) to watch out for.

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