The tangible pain of displacement,

The agony of persisting ordeal,

The scars of a concurrent journey,

The wrath of expectation

Lost Identity, troubled soul,

Shattered experience, tormented memory

The sterile breath of life without life itself,

Dead conscience! Belittled mind! Deluded being,

Deprived of the joy of purity.

Haunted by my own spirit,

Tormented by my own thoughts,

The grievances of a dying soul,

Captive to its own body.

Defined by debauchery, weakened by truth

Wretched being!

Empty vessel, brain washed by illusion,

Murdered by words, buried by the realisation of irrelevance.

From dust to dust and dirt to dirt,

The symphony of what many call life, narrated as death,

An ending to a chapter that never began.

Deranged appearance, the art of pity,

The beauty of self condemnation.

I fear death and dread life.

What lies beyond my still breath?

By Bubelo Mlilo

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