Techie Diaries #1


When you are wide awake at 2am and can’t sleep, what do you do?

I google.  So here are 7 things you may not know about the technology scene in Africa;

  1. 400 students from West Africa are competing in building robots for NASA.
  2. The starup scene is  highly active, with innovative products like Brainshare, an academic application that is taking education and learning resources in Uganda.
  3. Africa has  very well developed mobile money systems in place such as M-Pesa in Kenya.
  4. Fact: The continent has over 45 tech hubs, that’s almost one in every country.
  5. Mark Shuttleworth and Elon Musk were born in South Africa. Don’t know who they are? That’s right, Google.
  6. The BRCK. Are you on a camel somewhere in the desert, wishing you could take a selfie and post it on instagram? #instadesert #instanature #instaoutdoors  Then this handy little device is for you. Invented in Kenya, it is a mobile router that works as a backup generator for the internet.
  7. The mobile penetration rate in Ghana is more than 100% yep, only in Africa.

Okay, now I am getting sleepy. Techie Diaries out.

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