Sneakers for Sarah: Kicking Cancer’s Butt

“I grew up with Sarah Dalzell at a summer camp in New Hampshire, USA. Although most of us knew her as “Pippy” (how that nickname started, I can’t remember!). She is now lives with her husband Dave, who is a Lutheran Pastor, and she works as a school counsellor. Not quite a year ago, Sarah was diagnosed with stomach cancer (in her mid-30s) and has since been undergoing treatment and chemo. Her latest scans did show a 1- 2% decrease in her lymph nodes and everything else was stable, so we are all hopeful that she is starting to beat this thing! If there is one thing that Sarah’s friends associate with her it is Converse sneakers, so a few of them started a bit of a campaign called “Sneakers for Sarah” and every Friday when she is undergoing chemo (and sometimes more often) we post pictures for her on Facebook. Sometimes it is just fun designed ones, sometimes someone’s feet with a cool view or object, some have a pair hanging at a cool spot, anything and everything related to these All Star sneakers is being posted. It helps remind her that people are thinking of her, supporting her in this battle, and wanting her to ‘Kick Cancer!’

By Jenn Wolter

Support the cause! Send in pictures of you and your converse sneakers for Sarah at  . Help her kick cancer’s butt.

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