My Relationship With Hair

Have you ever wondered if there are any emotions attached to someone’s hair? Does the fact that hair is dead cells affect how people choose to treat it? It is interesting how in ALA people have different analogies of what “a good hair day is”. It ranges from weaves to extensions then Afros, to a point were some just choose to go bold.  Hair is a the probably the first feature seen by other people on someone’s head, thus it is hard to avoid the conversation about what looks good on people’s head. This is how ALAians view their hair…


Omo – My hair is unconventional and whether you like it or not it’s making you re-think what is professional, smart looking and beautiful, because that’s what it is.

Nkanyiso khumalo

Nkanyiso – Being bald to me shows people that I am a man


Chidubem – I don’t really know why I started keeping an Afro but what I do know is that it coincided with my growth into adolescence. I never identified it as a style suitable for me but I admired it just as it looked on some people (including my older brother) I had seen. And besides I saw no logic in neglecting one’s hair and not making a style out of it.


Kopo – I think my hair is my identity and a way to express any loud emotions i can’t voice. However even-though people generally have no say on my hair since its MINE.  Sometimes I get glares, in-sincere compliments and the sorts especially if i do something unconventional. Hair isn’t like an outfit, it’s more powerful because it can either emphasize good or bad facial features or make you different. People don’t always like different.



What is your opinion about your own hair?

By Thato Seerane

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