Techie Diaries #2

Why I am moving to South Korea.

I am not moving to South Korea anytime soon, though I wish I were.  According to the Daily Mail, “South Korea is to introduce a blazing fast 5G mobile internet service, quick enough to download a full length feature film in less than a second.”

5G is set to be 1000 times faster than 4G.

Internet speeds like that wold be a dream come true. It would be so fast that you could skip the 1 second or so that the commercial on YouTube takes from your viewing time. Or the engineers over there could devise a new way to show us ads. But I digress.

What is 5G anyway?

It simply means the next phase of mobile telecommunications, slated for use by 2020. It is set to be more user-oriented and the speeds offer infinite opportunities.

For anyone looking to succeed in tech, 5G will be a key stakeholder going forward.

Or you could just sit back and stream, sorry download movies in seconds. And entertain your kids with memes that they can’t laugh at because slow internet is an unfamiliar concept to them.

slow 2

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