Nigeria vs. South Africa

Too often we have had countries around the continent compete instead collaborate. Just this week in my A-Level business class, my teacher made an example on how he would never put South Africa and Nigeria in one category, my first thought: “True, we don’t get along and besides Africa is not a country.” But then I thought some more why don’t we like each other? Is it because of the many drug dealing Nigerians on the streets of Hilbrow that my mother warns me against, or is it that South Africa thinks it’s too cool for school? Or is it both? Either way both countries are filled with great potential, economically, socially and culturally. South Africa and Nigeria should stop with the “versus” and start with the “featuring”.


South Africa’s own Mafikizolo who rocked the continent with their smash hit Khona have collaborated with one of Nigerias finest May D to release yet another hit Happiness. This is the one step of embracing each other’s cultures we have all been talking about for years. From Khona to Happiness, from Versus to Featuring. Two of Africa’s finest countries are leading the way.


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