Is ALA Promoting Cronyism?

For a period of two weeks, second years have been having discussions about conflict of interest, nepotism and cronyism. As the African Leadership Academy (ALA) is transforming the next generation of African leaders, we need to think about what is putting leadership in Africa at stake. The TI Source Book – Confronting Corruption, has helped students question the position they are in, so as to help understand the role they have to take as they embark this journey.

As defined by ‘Conflict of Interest, Nepotism‘ and Cronyism’ “cronyism is a broader term than nepotism, and covers situations where preferences are given to friends and colleagues.” This is what stirred up the discussions; it stimulated questions about ‘networking’ and ‘life-long engagements’. These are the term used to explain the leadership journey of an ALA student. Now that most of ALA graduates from the inaugural class are graduating this year, there are too many questions and concerns about their return; one of the questions being ‘IS ALA PROMOTING CRONYISM?’

“ALA does not need such a policy, because this would defeat the teachings students get while at ALA.” – Anonymous

“This term would not apply to ALA students and graduates because of the value of integrity which the school instils to the pupils” – Anonymous

Well this question is still up for discussion, what is your view?

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