Flap Away, Flappy Bird

He flaps, he flaps, and then he dies.

flappy bird 1

Life will never be the same again. Over and over again we watch our most trusted ally die on a mission to be great. To show ninja moves and slip through the spaces as you tap that screen like your life depends on it. All of us, those of us who have been victims to the Flappy Bird craze need to stop.

flappy bird 3

If you have: Exclaimed because you died just before reaching a new high score, or wanted to smash your phone, or kill the one person that just had to speak at that moment… then it’s time for you to come to a realisation.

  1. You ignored all the warnings about downloading this app
  2. Flappy Bird owns you know
  3. You act crazy when you’re playing Flappy Bird
  4. It will consume your life and you will be left all alone
  5. Accept that it is now a sad but true part of your life

When you’re done realising you will either: Delete the app or fight to get to 50 (Like I did).

flappy bird 2

R.I.P, Flappy Bird

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