How To Personalise Your Classroom

Wouldn’t it be nice if the world was chocolate?
Driving in the car would be a tasty treat.
Changing gears would soon become a problem,
cause tasty chocolate is so good to eat.

This is a little jingle from an ad for chocolate when I was growing up. What does this have to do with classrooms? Not too much, but reminiscing is always nice.

A classroom doesn’t have to be just a classroom. It can be a reflection of students’ and their teachers’ personalities. The classroom below, *F5* deserves Model for Community in my opinion.

How to actually do it:

1. Have an artistic Welcome sign on the door


2. Have lots of interesting quotes on the wall

educational quotes

3. Display student art on the walls: it showcases their talent. Even those like me, who can’t draw to save their lives.

students art

4. Colours, patterns and cool shapes:
Just so you know, the painter is a very dear friend of mine. And the artist too.


5. Teach 🙂



4 thoughts on “How To Personalise Your Classroom

  1. Great job and creativity Mr Hancock.I sometimes do think of decorating one of my classrooms or even my bedroom but I just feel like I am not as creative and artistic as Mr Hancock. I am just not very artistic. so boring. such a shame. I want to cry.


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