It is sometimes easy to forget about those moments when a friend was the only resort to your sadness. People always do something for you and you also do something for them but it’s not always when you actually take time to express gratitude. It may be hard to remember all those good deeds you have received but it’s not too much of an effort to just take a moment and say THANK YOU. This is my message to a friend, what is yours?

It feels like I have known you for too long
We can only count hours of being together,
Yet I have found refuge in your life
You have brought meaning to my smile,
Introduced laughter to my life,
Made boredom seem so non-existent.
I am proud to call you my FRIEND

Remember the time you caught my tear drop
The day you put the pieces of my heart in place
Remember the time you made fun of my foolishness
The day you made sense out of my stupidity
Remember the time when we shared emotions
The day we both cried because I broke my arm
These moments mark the critical stages of our friendship

I am thankful for your presence
I am thankful for who you are
I am thankful for our friendship
Let the journey continue …

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