Bruno’s 7 Tips for Life

The ALAians Media team sat down with Bruno Sacutucua from Maputo, Mozambique. We wanted to know what Bruno had to say about the 7 areas of life. This is what he had to say.

On personal development

Well, it’s something that happens with time and we need to be very focused to have good personal development.

On Careers

It must be something you are passionate about other wise you won’t have a good one. You’ll just fail if you don’t have commitment and to be fully committed to something, you must be passionate.

On Financial

I always say that you must try not to spend what you don’t have, because you’ll most probably get in trouble

On Family

It’s a great value. In Portuguese we have a saying, “It’s the seal of the society.” Even though we are going into this modern and progressive society, we should keep this seal, otherwise we won’t exist. Humans need seals and family is a seal we should keep. Families must always be in a society and have the same concept they had a thousand years ago.

On Social

The society sees you in different ways. You have to decide how you want to be seen by the society, and how you see the society that you are in, and try and think of your role in the society

On Physical

I checked my vitality age and I was 11 years older than my actual age. So, in three months, I lost more than 20kg. I think you should never do something for others. Whenever you do something for your physical appearance does it because you feel comfortable with it and because you want to do it. And we must do it in a way we feel good. Don’t go to the gym or diet because people want. I took the first step to change my weight. Do not do things for people.

On Spirituality

I think spirituality is within. I don’t believe you get spirituality through religion. Spirituality starts inside of you and if you prefer you can consolidate it. It is inside of you and you can choose ways to externalize. I don’t believe you can gain spirituality from religion but I think you can consolidate it.

 What you didn’t know

I’m always analyzing everything. If a book falls I find out the reason. If someone comes into my room I look at their face and I analyze what they want. I don’t share my analysis but I always analyze.

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