The Unimportance of SATs

Too many ALA students’ fuss and fret about the Scholastic Aptitude Test or the SAT’s as they are popularly called but what value do they really have? We’re not going to tell you that SAT’s are a waste of time and that they’ll get you nowhere. What we will tell you is that SAT’s do not define the sort of person you are. Ms. Suzanne, a faculty member in the college counseling team says, “SAT’s don’t test how intelligent you are, they test how well you can take a test. You could be the smartest person in the world and not do well on the critical reading sentence completion because that part is all about memorizing.” What’s unfortunate is that too many of us ALAians place unnecessary value on the SAT’s. A value should be placed on them but not the kind we give at ALA. So we’re going to help you in gauging the sort of value you place on Stupid American Test.

Point 1:

It is true that SAT’s will affect your college options. The higher SAT scores you get the more likely you are to be in a ‘better’ school. However, you need to know that the best colleges are not just Yale, Harvard, Princeton, and Columbia. Yes they are nice and have a fantastic reputation but so do a lot of smaller schools. It is also possible to get average SAT scores and get into the ‘best’ schools.

Point 2:

Because you got a 1500 and your best friend got a 2200 does not mean that you are a fool and he is Einstein. As mentioned previously by Ms. Suzanne the SAT’s test how well you can take a test. It does not have to do with your intelligence. It could be argued that the math section of the test gives an idea of a person’s mathematical reasoning but overall it is not a test of intelligence. Do not let your SAT scores make you feel unintelligent.

Point 3:

It is not an indication of your preparation for college. A better indication for how prepared for college you are is your grades. Yes, class grades are important. So you might be an A* student and get an average SAT score. Remember that you are not an Average student only an average SAT test taker.

Point 4:

SAT’s are just another moneymaking scheme. It cost $51 dollars to register for the SAT’s. In 2011 1.65million high school American Students took the SAT’s plus the other students from around the world who have the American dream. Incase you’re not quick enough to do the math in 2011 college board made a minimum of  $81.15 million.

So work as hard as you can to do well on the SAT’s. Yes we know it is stupid but to an extent it’s necessary especially if you want to be in an American college. Do practice tests, learn vocabulary, master tricks, but do not let your SAT score define you. We don’t know everyone personally but we certainly know you are worth more than 4 digit numbers.

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