16 Things to Do Before You Graduate

This week marks 16 weeks until graduation which will be on the 20th of June, 2014. Some of us are excited, some of us are nervous and the emotions of the rest of us depend on the college decisions that come out beginning in March. To mark the 16 week countdown, ALAians Media has made a list of 16 things every high school senior (some specific to African Leadership Academy students) must do before they graduate. Grab a pen and take some notes.

1)      Pull a senior prank


It is tradition for some that the senior class leaves its mark on the school campus and people. The best way for everyone to do this is for a senior prank to take place. Do nothing illegal. Do nothing that will get you expelled. However, have fun. Bond over this prank. You might never see some of the people in your senior class again. (Highly impossible if you are in the ALA network.)

2)      Start a YouTube channel


Justin Bieber got famous because of his YouTube channel and Beliebers would argue, talent. Lots of artists (poets, bloggers etc.) were discovered over YouTube. Need I say more?

3)      Get a job


You will probably do this after you graduate college. Some will do it whilst they study in college. It’s an amazing way to explore your independence economically when you are still living with your parents.

4)      Pull a non-academic all-nighter


All the all-nighters I have pulled with friends have been because of finals, essays, presentation. How about you pull an all-nighter, talking, playing games, watching a movie? The first person to sleep buys the group a pizza.

5)      Write a song


This is not about your ability to sing. This is not about your ability to write. It’s about your ability to entertain people. Some of your songs might be funny. Others might be deep. Some might be sappy (Taylor Swift anyone?) But it will be an experience you will never forget.

6)      Tell someone how you really feel about them


The way we leave relationships in high school determines a lot of how our relationships in college end. That girl you haven’t talked to since kindergarten because she didn’t invite you to her birthday party? Tell her you don’t like her. That boy your stare at in Economics…well firstly, stop staring and tell him how you feel. You have 16 weeks till you graduate.

7)      Go on a date

No. Not only romantically. Dress up and go out with a bunch of friends. Eat good food, drink good fruit juice and have a good conversation. Like Fergie says, “A little party never killed nobody.”


8)      Don’t talk for an entire day


We spend too much time talking. Not enough time listening. Not enough time watching. Keep quiet for a whole day and just watch and listen.

9)      Throw someone a surprise birthday party


Nothing shows someone that you care about them than investing time and preparing a surprise birthday party for them. *Unless the person hates suprises.*

10)   Take your favorite or your worst teacher coffee/tea


We’re in high school. We can’t take apples to class any more. However, that coffee might help a teacher through a hard day.

11)   Party/Travel with your senior class

11 (1)

You have been with these people for more than a year. I am sure you can organize a party or some sort of trip.

12)   Show your school spirit


Some people hate school events. We’d rather stay in our rooms/homes watching House of Cards and thinking of ways to get a Beyoncé body. However, go to one event if you aren’t a cheerer. Scream and sport your team for that one day. If you don’t like it, you never have to do it again.

13)   Start a band


Most bands form at college. Start yours in high school.

14)   Clean up your social media


The worst thing to start a new week with is dirty laundry. The worst way to start a new chapter of your life is with dirty social media. Go delete those random you added when you were 14 and you wanted to prove your popularity. Delete that bathroom selfie. Start with a clean profile.

15)   Do something silly


This is like credits for your classes. It is needed for you to do before you graduate.

16)   Graduate


Four years you’ve dreamt about this day. Now, you have 16 weeks to graduate. So class of 2014, keep calm and graduate.

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