What Would I Like My Partner to Wear On Our First Date

Does everyone have expectations set for their partners? Are they ever met?

It is funny how one would stress so much on the outside they chose to wear for going out on a date. I have always wondered if my partner expected me to dress in a certain way when we decide to go out on a date. It never crossed my mind actually that I would take about 20 minutes analysing my outfit for just a normal day. Imagine if this was to be every time when I am asked to go out on a date (Not that it happens very often)! Well to some people, an outfit is a priority before even thinking about the place they decide to go to.

Here is a list of some people’s expectations for a romantic night out:

  • Not too much accessories
  • High red-heels
  • Sparkling necklace
  • Long tight-dress
  • Charcoal suit
  • Leather strap watch
  • Pointed shoes (mans)
  • Skinny tie
  • Bright-coloured bow tie
  • Short flawy-dress

What are your expectations?

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