ALA’s Watching: House of Cards

This week, I found myself being that guy. You know you’re that guy when all your friends are talking about this amazing new movie/song/vine and you have no clue what is going on.  A quick Google search revealed that even the bigwigs in China were excited by this thing.  Xinhua, a Chinese media agency, reported that “a large number of government and enterprise executives and opinion leaders also strongly recommend” the show.

So I decided that I too would watch House of Cards.  Despite my belief that Television is evil (reality TV) and largely a waste of my valuable time.

I should have known when the series started with:

(insert pain meme)

Links to EL?

The series revolves around Frank Underwood, a US Congressman. Following an election, he was supposed to become Secretary of State, but is passed over for the job. (and I thought there was honour among thieves). But I am being a tad too idealistic.

They say hell hath no fury like a woman scorned. In this case, hell hath no fury like a politician denied his spoils after the election.  The Congressman hatches an elaborate plan to get back against those who betrayed him.

His methods, underhand. His determination, Solid. His pedigree? Perfect Southern Gentleman

This series combined with a working knowledge of Nicollo Machiavelli’s The Prince and The 48 Laws of Power are all any would-be leader out there needs, hence the vote of confidence from the Chinese.

Although EL would encourage us to take the love leadership route, I wouldn’t. Not after seeing how big and bad the world really is.

And the fact that politics, just like every other thing in life, is an ecosystem, where only the fittest survive.

(insert and its dawn meme)

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