Why Do I Blog?

I always loved to write. My mother always encouraged me, and it was with her prodding that I was published for the first (and last) time when I was just 7 years old (I think). But as I grew older, I ventured more and more into the sciences, and the constant stream of enthusiasm I had for writing began to dry up. At that stage (about 4 years ago) I only wrote for English homework, even the praise I got from my English teacher, Ms. Flanagan, was not enough to convince me to write more. I like to express myself creatively, and so, I love to act. Writing is another way I like to express myself creatively, but unlike my acting, it never saw an audience, because I was scared of the possibly negative feedback that lay in wait. But ever since last year, my soul ached to start writing again, and so I turned to the internet, man’s unofficial best friend. I created a WordPress account and sat on it for months. Early in the year, I decided I couldn’t take anymore. Since I didn’t have any inspiration to write fresh content, I decided to post something I had already written, my English homework (which I got a B in at the end of the day)! Fast forward a couple of weeks and two more posts later, I’m finally getting into my stride. I decided against blogging about one particular topic, like politics, or media, because that isn’t a true reflection of me, several different thoughts dance around my head all the time, and so I decided that my blog posts would be about what I was thinking about at the time. It’s been a real struggle, but I’m happy. I’m back.

Blog: thisdontmakesense.wordpress.com

By Soala Ekine

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