Be Your Own Superhero

The past month has been a tough one and a lot of us have been feeling a little slighted. We’re drained and we feel like life and some of the people around us are just being the biggest villains ever. Unfortunately we don’t live in Gotham City where The Dark Night can save us, or in Smallville where Superman has our backs. We live in the real world, and we need to learn how to be our own superheroes.

  1. Overcome those fears like Batman
    Marvel 3
  2. Make the best out of sucky situations like Spiderman
    marvel 7
  3. Take charge and be confident like Cat Woman
    Marvel 4
  4. Protect those close to you like Thor
    marvel 6
  5. Have character like Captain America
    marvel 8
  6. Power through and SMASH the challenges like HULK
    marvel 10
  7. Keep going and reaching for opportunities like The Flash
  8. Keep your cool like Iron Man
    marvel 9

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