The Snapping Culture

If you have had the pleasure of visiting the African Leadership Academy (ALA) on a Monday afternoon, you will remember the assembly, the unique This Week in Africa news segment and the advertisement videos made by students for different SEPs on campus. You will also hear the My Stories told by different people. ALA has a culture of listening (or at least we are trying to develop it) and listening to My Stories is one of those vital things we do as a community. We laugh when the story teller tells a joke, sometimes we cry but above all, we snap. If you aren’t used to it, the snapping is fun in the beginning. You do it senselessly. However, the longer you are at ALA, the more your snapping becomes selective. Sometimes, in the middle of a My Story or a presentation, someone could say a word or a phrase that impresses you. So you snap.

Snap 5

When asked why people snap, some people had this to say.

“ALA students are lazy, clapping is too much of an effort. Therefore, we snap.” -Anonymous

“It is something cool that doesn’t require a lot of energy that doesn’t make a lot of noise.” -Nady

“We don’t drown the speaker out or make them stop telling their story awkwardly when we snap.” -Anonymous

Snap 1 Snap 4 Snap 6

Why do you think people in the ALA community snap?

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