3 Things to Do On a Sunday At ALA

  1. Eat

I always enjoy the occasional Sunday afternoon at ALA. These are the Sundays that do not involve unhealthy levels of work, or assignments due the next day.  Last Sunday, I spent time chilling (s,, such things are possible) with  my friend  who shared this easy to make recipe for a healthy tasty snack.


Low Fat Plain Greek Yoghurt



It is really simple, slice everything up and mix it in a large bowl. To bring out the sweetness of the strawberries, add a little sugar to them.


Lastly, enjoy your snack with a friend.

Follow up with a large scoop of ice cream, a brownie and some chocolate cake.

Then spend the entire week trying to get rid of all the carbs and sugar from the cake and ice cream. Then start all over again next Sunday.

2. Sing

Many Studies have shown that singing is good for you. It matters little whether your voice is amazing or not. Sing in the shower if you must. However, singing is a good way to eliminate stress.  Just ensure that you do not do it in the morning. Really loudly. Some people like to sleep in on Sunday.

3. Make a vine

I have always wanted to make a vine.  However like the other  99% of the world’s population, I have neither the time nor the skill to do so. I am not implying that one needs special skills to make a vine. They need to be funny and I don’t think I am that funny. But this is definitely something to do before you leave ALA, just so you can say you did it while here . One, there is no point to it and two, if you do it right, you could make people very happy like these guys:


I am going to try and do one of these this Sunday. Any guesses which one it will be?

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