TECHIE DIARIES #4: These Boots Were Made For Charging

I find it extremely annoying when my phone battery runs out and I am nowhere near a charger. So the creative guys got together and portable chargers were born.  One entrepreneurhas taken t to the next level  by inventing a novel  new charger, the shoe.

Anthony Mutua is an electrical engineer graduate of Mombasa Polytechnic University College, and has for over two years been developing a mobile phone charger which is placed in the shoe.

The Kenyan entrepreneur has patented his product with the Kenya Industrial Property Institute.

He developed a very tiny chip of crystals that is fitted under the sole of a shoe. When a person walks, the chip harvests energy that is generated, enough to charge a phone. Mutua says the energy is harvested in two ways: “It charges the phone when the wearer is in motion through a thin extension cable that runs from the shoe to the pocket. The shoe can also charge the phone immediately after a walk since the crystals have the capacity to store electric energy.”

The chip can be inserted in the sole of any shoe and removed when the shoe wears out, and be placed in another shoe. There is also an option where the shoe can charge the phone immediately after a walk.

Currently, a pair of the shoes costs $46.

Several big names in the technology industry have expressed interest,  including Google Chairman Eric Schmidt.

I can only hope that he partners with Jimmy Choo or Louboutin to bring me a pair of those $500 dollar pumps that would also charge my phone.  Now that would be a killer product.

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