I Plan To Study…

Have you ever been asked this question?

Did the people even care what your response was?

Or have you ever got that “You are weird” look after you respond?

Well this is the period of the year when everyone asks about future careers. Maybe because people are about to go to college. I have always wondered if people asked in order to judge or generally cared. Either way the reaction after someone replies always keeps me wondering. It’s even worse when the person mentions something so unexpected of them.

It really does not matter what people think. Its either you are passionate about something or you not. It’s not easy to make a rational decision now about what the future holds for you. There is a reason why risks and mistakes exist. Do not worry about doing something which you might hate in the end, well some days you hated school but it clearly got you somewhere. So … take your time, don’t rush to respond to the question. You might not even need to focus on a specific field before you start focusing on your career. It may seem impossible now, but remember EVERYONE HAS A DESTINY! 

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