The Two Most Prestigious Leadership Schools in South Africa

South Africa has been blessed to be the home of the two most admired leadership schools in Africa. The African Leadership Academy (ALA) and Oprah Winfrey Leadership Academy for Girls (OWLAG) have yet unleashed an amazing group of students within the African continent in order to lay a foundation for a future generation of African Leaders. My visit to OWLAG on the 28th of February is the reason as to why I wrote this article. As an ALA student who has once applied at OWLAG, I find it very hard to articulate my reasons of applying to both schools. I may have ended up being an ALA student but I still want to know why I tend to be a best fit for ALA than OWLAG. Both schools are awesome in extremely different aspects yet the motive behind building them is somewhat similar. Let the table below clarity what I used to rank myself for both schools:

Mission African Leadership Academy seeks to transform Africa by identifying, developing, and connecting the next generation of African leaders. We strive to promote a nurturing educational environment for academically gifted girls who come from disadvantaged backgrounds.
Vision African Leadership Academy seeks to enable lasting peace and prosperity in Africa by developing and connecting the continent’s future leaders. We support the development of a new generation of dynamic women leaders. By virtue of their unique education, this generation will lead the enduring transformation of their communities and country.
Official Opening September 2008 January 2007
Core Subjects African Studies, Entrepreneurial Leadership Life Orientation, Mathematics, English, African Language, Physical Education
Main curriculum Cambridge International Examination International Baccalaureate (Grade 8-10)Independent Examinations Board (Grade 11-12)
Values Curiosity, Diversity, Integrity, Compassion, Excellence Respect, Honour, Service, Compassion
  • African Leadership Academy seeks to enrol the most outstanding young leaders from across Africa and around the world
  •  ALA is looking for young people with the potential to lead and impact the world around them through their courage, initiative and innovation.
  • Academically talented with leadership potential
  • South African citizens or permanent residents
  • Family’s total income less than R8000 per month
  • Currently in grade 7 entering grade 8 or currently in grade 9 entering grade 10.
  • Academically talented with leadership potential

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