Be That Guy

Last week, ladies we told you how to Be That Girl, this week, it’s for the gentlemen. Be that guy…

Don’t be afraid to take charge. Taking charge doesn’t mean you’re narcissistic. So stand up and call a room to order, don’t be afraid to make the room go silent like Mike Ross.


Be that guy that’s completely honest. Tell your significant other if that dress makes her look bulky, don’t avoid conflict if Noah (Ryan Gosling) from the note book could do it so can you.

Embrace your inner nerd, Zuckerberg did it and well… look at where he is now.

Don’t be afraid to get dirty, being a pretty boy is all well and good, but sometimes you need to get your hands dirty.

Be that guy, that’s oozes class and doesn’t scream swag. Swag does not last forever and neither will it pay the bills twenty years from now. Class is timeless. It is in your walk, your stance and in your speech.

Be supportive, even if it means appearing for 5 seconds in a video like Jay Z does for his power house wife, Beyonce.

Love, it’s really ok. We all know you do it, you just have to show it now.

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