The Dog Days Are Not Over

It is rather ironic that I am listening to Florence and the Machines’ Dog Days Are Over while writing this piece. It is that time of the academic year again. The time when you are desperately convinced that a day off would solve all your problems. It is that time when the summer holiday seems so far away. The buzz from being home in December is gone. College results are right about to come out. These are the dog days.

The low pressure system over Johannesburg is not helping matters. It has been rainy and dull all week. Winter decided to come rolling in early.  Send me somewhere warm and tropical. (Going to the Seychelles in my head) Assignments are available in plenty just in case you were thinking of taking advantage of the cold to sleep.

In my infinite optimism I have come up with the following foolproof ways to beat the midyear blues:

1. Turn up

Dancing is a wonderful way to relieve stress and work out at the same time. Durban body anyone? Perhaps Tamasha should throw a party this weekend and get us all dancing in the rain.

2. Bonga brownies

The start of the cold season last year was horrible. It was really cold, but the one silver lining I had to look forward to was hot chocolate and Bonga Brownies. Now that everyone is so cold, someone should be proactive and respond to the need to keep warm through hot chocolate and brownies. (Feel free to cut me into the profits seeing as I identified this opportunity). I would offer to bake brownies myself but I would probably kill the market entirely. Baking is not my strong suite you see.

Oh what I wouldn’t do to eat and see, ‘The warm, chocolatey goodness, the Bonga brownie.’

See what I did there?

3. Do Something Cool

Who says you have to wait for Mr Tait to officially announce DSC? You could build a drone, finally learn how to make noodles properly or learn how to speak whale like Dory from Finding Nemo.

The dog days will soon be over. Right about the time when exams are due to start.  Yeah.

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