The Myth of the Red Couch

Once upon a time, in the land of ALA, there was a little red couch in the ALA library that accommodated students of all ages and sizes and different nationalities. This couch catered for the ones who needed a break from class or who wanted to read a book in the library. The couch had the power to release the stress that was found in the heads, the backs and the body of ALA students. It would magically relieve their stress, bringing friends, couples and laughter to the library. The couch was the place everyone wanted to be at. However, one day, the couch took too much of the ALA students’ stress. So instead of relieving the students, it would make them sleepy. Students would come from their classes and sleep on these couches for five, ten and even twenty minutes. The couch was never the same. Rumor has it that the couch still tries to relieve stress but it is tired. This couch was and continues to be a life saver for people that have sleepless nights (because of Scandal & piles of homework) and are dozing off in class. A five minute nap anyone? This couch has and continues to be a couples’ spot, a cool place to work and hang out at the same time. The myth of the red couch continues to go on and on.

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