The Mr Price Boom

Have you ever been in a place where you find more Mr Price price-tags than the number of people? Well, come to ALA and the bright colours of Mr Price would welcome you to the Campus. I have always wondered why most people have similar clothes or even interesting wear them the same way. For a certain period of time I blamed it on the common malls we all go to, Clearwater Mall and Northgate Mall. Honestly that cannot justify the Mr Price boom. Why do you think ‘we’ tend to have the same taste? Is it a fashion trend? Are people out of fashion ideas? Are there trend setters?

These are the comments some ALA students had about this situation:

“I find it very annoying to find people wearing the same clothes as me but even worse the same way I do.” – Anonymous

“It’s not a problem, what matters is who looks good in the clothes.” – Anonymous

“Mr Price is cheap, thus anyone is allowed to leverage over it.” – Anonymous

“I just love the type of clothes there, so it really does not matter who else is wearing the same clothes.”

What is your own opinion?

2 thoughts on “The Mr Price Boom

  1. Mr Price has always been the go-to place when I needed to swag up, and I would be really glad when I rock the clothes and I would be ONLY person rocking them but since I came to ALA you go to the fitting room at Mr Price and you find an ALA student fitting the same pants you are fitting. Due to that fact I have decided to shop at a place where I will not find any ALA student shopping,


  2. I guess it would be great to have a little analysis in this article. It could get you a more faithful audience who will be happy to read about very thoughtful and interesting subjects. I really like seeing you post a lot of articles but if they are not relevant or worth being read, I would suggest you reduce the number and increase the quality of the content.
    Thank you though,


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