Useful Powers At ALA

ALA is a stressful place but imagine what it would be if you had superpowers. So we have created the 10 most useful superpowers at ALA.



In ALA there is so much to do and sometimes you wish you could be in two places at once. With this power you can. You can be in your African Studies class and watch a movie or be in your club on Saturdays and shop at Clearwater mall.



Tired of tardies? Then get this power. With this power you’ll never be late for class. So you can wake up at 7:30, have breakfast, take a shower all in time for your first class.

Intangibility (walking through walls)


Ever been locked out by your roommate?  Or needed to get something or see someone from another hall? I’m sure you have. With this power you can walk straight through the door.

Super Memory


What more can we say? With this power we never have to study. We can be like Mike Ross and be a genius with little to no effort.  A*’s all the time.



The Vampires of the Vampire Diaries have this power. With this power you can make anyone do or think whatever you tell them. So you could tell that Teacher to chaperone your trip, tell the security guards to let you out of the gate, or tell Mr. Bradford to make everyday a free day.

Weather Manipulation


You don’t always want to spend 4 rands to dry your laundry sometimes you just want to dry it outside but you cannot always predict the weather. With this power you don’t have to predict the weather because you control the weather.



Imagine if you could make Mr. Peter see that your room was amazingly neat even though it’s a complete mess. With this power you never have to do dorm clean.



We are so dependent on our devices at ALA be it our laptops or our phones. Many times your phone or laptop dies at the worst of times. With this power you can charge it with a little surge of electricity.

Pizza Teleportation


What if you never had to walk to the gate to get your slice of Pizza? This power allows you to teleport pizza straight from the pizza place to wherever you are. We certainly wish we had this power.

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