The Struggle Is Getting Too Real

The struggle is getting too real

It’s almost time for me to graduate. Yes, I am excited. I actually can’t even wait. I guess I have had enough of the struggle so much that I cannot bare the weight anymore. It has been observed for long now that when the essence of graduation sinks in, everyone (EVEN FIRST YEARS) is “half way” out of the school. Meaning only the flesh is left behind.

Ok, where do I start? This is the stage whereby second years are planning their life after ALA. Teachers have to make sure they finish the syllabus before CIE exams. College counsellors are eager to make sure that students meet the expected predicted grades. SEP’s (Student-Run Enterprises) are running around trying to stabilize their enterprises. House captains are anticipating to have a flag in the dining hall written 2014 in their house colour. African Studies department is waiting for that research paper you knew about two weeks ago in MLA format. First years have OID’s (Original Ideas for Development) to look forward to. Students have more than three guests to host/ give a tour in a week. Sodexo has tons of food to either recycle or donate because less people are coming for meals. The wellness team attends to more patients than they usually have during the course of the year. The traffic on Help-Desk is too much that it takes more than two hours to download a 45 minutes series. Rooms are very appealing to the eye when it’s Sodexo cleaning day or dorm clean. Everyone is just complaining.

Mmmmm. This seems like a series of complains and I feel there is a lot more I did not mention. Well this is the struggle am talking about, having to master and meet all these requirements in just a period of three months. When the going gets tough, the struggle just accelerates to the optimum level. Let me advice you now, you can never achieve your level best if you are not in the zone. It’s easily said than done but remember, there is so much to look forward to: ranging from the awesome ALA’s got talent finals to the classic ALAians Media awards. The upcoming cultural exchange events from West Africa and Southern Africa. Graduation week and the many campus events of that week. The born-fire ceremony and that end of year party hosted by TAMASHA house of entertainment.

Just hold on, you will go home.

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