LeadWeek 1: Needs, Solutions & Entrepreneurial Leadership

When an ALAian (a student/graduate/teacher) talks about the African Leadership Academy as a school he/she attends, students usually have to explain the things like;

1)      How it is a two year program though some people come for the special gap year program

2)      How it is a pre-college/university program though they do A’ Levels

3)      The admission rate – how it takes only 100 people out of more than  4 000 applications

4)      It’s location in South Africa

5)      The African Studies curriculum that sets it apart from other schools

However, the one thing that students have to explain in depth, which usually leaves guests or relatives confused and excited at the same time, is the Entrepreneurial Leadership (EL) program

“The Entrepreneurial Leadership program is designed to build the interpersonal skills that are essential for future agents of positive change in Africa. During the first year, students develop a mindset in units with two parts: (1) classroom and experiential “lab” sessions designed to further each student’s understanding of self and his or her understanding of leadership; and (2) integrative exercise that apply the practice of leadership skills in “real-life” settings. During the second year, students complete their Culminating Project (CP), the capstone to each student’s ALA experience through the unique platform called the Student Enterprise Program. This course integrates a focus on skills and conceptual learning with personal growth and tangible action.”

To read more: http://www.africanleadershipacademy.org/building-foundation/world-class-curriculum/entrepreneurial-leadership

For the next three weeks, ALAians Media will display, appreciate and spark discussion on various topics and assignments that ALAians encounter on a day to day basis, thanks to the Center for Entrepreneurial Leadership.

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