Cheer Up

I’ll be honest. Last week was bad. It wasn’t even your regular brand of bad either, like a child dropping his ice cream on a hot summer day. Instead, he had his ice cream slapped out of his hand by a sasquatch, before being kicked in the chest by it. Then it started rain.

But, we all have our days, and instead of dwelling on the awful of my day, I am going to show you some fun, internet (and legal) friendly ways to get yourself into a giddy giggle.

Listen to Drake:


OK, so maybe this one won’t make you completely make you happy. However, it is the beginning of the process. Before you can find your patch of happy, you need to blow out the sad first. Or at least acknowledge its presence.

So, while listening to the mellow grooves of everybody’s favourite Canadian (you receive no apology, Bieber) allow yourself to accept your misery, lay back and sob it away as you cuddle your iPhone.

Watch Adventure Time:


Now that you have cried yourself into and out of a coma, it’s time to cheer up from the comfort of the nest of tissues you have created for yourself. Despite the bright, colourful visuals and peppy soundtrack, Adventure Time has proven time and time again (ha!) to be one of TV’s most adult friendly kid’s shows in quite a while.

Between the layers of candy and fantastical adventures, there lays one of the greatest troves of beneath-the-radar jokes to ever pass Cartoon Network’s censors. Snickering at the jokes that only make sense when you enter puberty has never been this enjoyable.

Play Dojo of Death (Like, Right Now):

14724-b (1)

Okay, here come the fun part. As many who know me , or have had the opportunity to spot me when I slink out of the my cave, are aware, I am an avid gamer. However, no larger titles shall be recommended in this article, so I shall instead recommend a small, browser-based (no downloads, folks) game called Dojo of Death.

Having stumbled on it on one of many internet binges, I have been captured by its simple but exhilarating gameplay. Basically, you aim your mouse, and click to make your good ninja zip forward, and cut up the bad ninjas. On paper, quite simplistic. In action, it’s as much fun as you’ll have before humans genetically engineer unicorns.



If you’re honestly not happy by now, I don’t think misery is your biggest issue at the moment. Any who, for the rest of you, venting is the last option I’ve got.

Paint, yell, cry, complain to a friend, kick a (due to the fact that this list has to refer to legal actions, I cannot directly refer to the object that you may wish to kick). Do something that will take your mind off the bubble of concerns you have put yourself into. Who know; your return may bring some new perspective.

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