5 Ways To Love Winter

There are a few simple things you can do to keep warm in winter, which don’t involve cranking up the heater and worrying about the air drying up. Here are a few tips which should help stave off the cold.

1.  Layer up

Although you might think that big winter jumpers are the way to go, wearing layers of thin clothes will keep you warmer as they trap body heat.

2.  Eat well and drink warm

While having a hot tea or coffee may make you feel warmer, it’s more to do with the caffeine. That is because caffeine increases blood flow to the skin. You may feel warmer as a result, but your body is actually losing heat. Try sticking to decaffeinated or herbal hot drinks instead.

Eating regular meals will also help keep you warm. Healthy hearty foods such as soup and stews are great for warming you up. Try to include carbohydrates in your dishes too. Porridge and soup are great winter-warmers. We hope Sodexo takes note

3.  Get moving

Working out in the cold may be the last thing you feel like doing this winter but it has the opposite effect too. As well as giving you a rush of endorphins which boosts mood, exercise will get the blood pumping around your body and, vitally, heat up your skin.

4.  Stay Social

With chilly, longer nights in winter, you might feel like hibernating and staying in your room rather than catching up with friends, but research shows the later might help with the warm and fuzzies. Scientists from the University of Toronto discovered social exclusion makes you feel colder than if you were socialising and spending time with people, which warms you up.

Try to keep an active social life this winter to help keep the cold at bay and boost your mood.

5.  Snuggle up

Save on the school’s electricity bills this winter and get cosy with warm blankets instead. While sleeping, ensure you stay toasty by wearing pyjamas and bed socks to keep your feet from getting cold overnight.

Stay in one position and drift off.

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