You Must Be Curious

Curiosity as defined by ALA is “we challenge the status quo and take the initiative to pursue new ideas.’ This definition is key to entrepreneurship and problem solving. The ‘Status Quo” in this definition is the problem that exists and how it seems impossible to escape the problem so sticking to the ‘Status Quo would mean simply accepting the issue at hand. However this definition says that we challenge the status quo. Challenging the status quo is essentially coming up with new ideas that can change the status quo or the problem you are trying to solve. The last part of the definition is taking action and pursuing the new idea that you come up with. This part is usually the most difficult part. Curiosity is not just asking questions, although that plays an important role in figuring out solutions, it is actually pursuing ideas. Curiosity is essential to entrepreneurship because without challenging some sort of status quo there is no point to any business. It is important to pursue ideas and see how well they work out. Curiosity in this sense is not just asking questions but asking questions of how issues can be solved. So do not let your curiosity end with EL and keep thinking of how you can solve problems.

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