BUILD is a human centred approach to problem solving and entrepreneurship. The BUILD lab is meant to be a six-step approach to creating the best solutions. The steps of BUILD include:



I see and I am thankful for opportunities. I dream big and take calculated risks with curiosity and determination as I seek to initiate positive change.




Before I design solutions. I seek to understand the affected individuals and the system in which they operate.




I engage in an iterative, human-centered creative process of identifying and anticipating needs and rapidly inventing and testing possible solutions.




I seek and actively listen to feedback from potential stakeholders to improve my initial efforts, understanding that learning from failure is a key to success.




I critically evaluate solutions for long-term viability and sustainability to discover the greatest opportunities, mobilize resources, deliver with careful planning and excellence, and measure the impact of the solutions on addressing the needs.



Now although this process was designed exclusively for problem solving and entrepreneurship, it can be applied to all areas of life. To achieve anything you need to believe you can do it, understand strengths and limitations, invent solutions, listen to feedback, and finally deliver your plan. Just in case you don’t believe us we will give you the BUILD process as a way to solve common ALA problems.


Gaining Self-Confidence in ALA


Believe that you can be a strong self-confident person.


Understand the reason why you don’t feel confident. Is it because others seem more confident than you? Is it because you haven’t worked on your skills enough? Before you map out how you gain self-confidence you must understand why you’re not confident.


Invent solutions to improve your self-confidence. You could try public speaking, buying new clothes, talking in meeting etc.


Listen to yourself and others on how confident you are and how confident people perceive you to be. It could be that you now seem arrogant so you can find a way to balance your behavior.


Deliver your best behavior that makes you feel confident.


Improving your skills and talents

Believe that you can improve your skills and talents.


Understand what makes others good at this skill and what you are doing well and what you could be doing better.


Invent ways to improve your skills and different ways of practicing that you can take on.


Listen to feedback from someone who has mastered that particular skill and correct your methods.


Deliver products of your skill and talents and feel proud of yourself.



The BUILD lab can be used for almost anything from relieving hunger in a particular area to making a great chocolate cake. Always remember the BUILD approach to every issue you have. We will now leave you with a way to use BUILD in your everyday life.


Believe that you exist and you are different from everyone else. You have a special identity and there can never be another you. Believe that life is stretched out in front of you and you control your own path.


Understand that life comes with its challenges. It will not always be great but do not let the thorns make you forget that there are roses too.


Invent ways to enrich your life and that of others.


Listen to the thoughts and ideas of people and think of how you can use those to better your life and that of others.


Deliver the best you everyday of your life.

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