10 Reasons Why EL is Good For You

EL is our best and worst subject but no matter what we say about it we cannot deny that it teaches us valuable skills.


10. You just sound smarter


Even if you haven’t learned much in Entrepreneurial Leadership and we’re sure you have, one of the benefits of it is that you just sound smarter when speaking to people. Not many teenagers can safely talk about the triple bottom line, SBI feedback, preconceptions, and response-ability. In fact many teenagers can’t even talk about entrepreneurship.


9. Incredible Focus


One of the best things about learning EL is the power of focus. Finding and sustaining focus is extremely important and it will come into play in every stage of your life.


8. Collaboration



EL curriculum believes strongly in collaboration with others. Although group work can get a bit annoying and difficult to manage, collaboration is an essential skill you’ll need for the rest of your life. No man can do everything on his own.


7. Presentations


Manifesting an idea as an image is more important than you’ll ever know. In today’s day an age we are drawn to images and moving pictures. Harnessing that power and being able to explain it clearly is important.


6. Values


Of course the EL department did not teach you values but they enhanced either the ALA values or gave you a stronger sense of your own values. Talk of Values, 360 surveys, and value awards often leave you wandering what exactly these values mean to you and what your own values are.


5. Business Thinkers


The SEP program at ALA literally makes you run your own business. It is an intensive practical program that gives you skills in the area your SEP works in. Having a business mindset and getting used to meeting goals won’t hurt anyone.


4. Passion


The OID proceed allows you to explore your passions interests and skills. That sounds like a simple activity but it is key to knowing yourself as an individual. Discovering your passion is one of the best things you can do in your life. As they say passion explored becomes purpose.


3. Feedback

woman with megaphone

The EL department promotes a culture of feedback. The SBI format is very instrumental to learning how to give proper corrective feedback. The power to give and receive feedback can create incredible advancements within projects because the project is constantly getting better.


2. Proactivity


You know this one had to be on the list. Proactivity is an amazing concept that is taught by the EL department. It teaches preparedness, planning, and working ahead of things. With the mindset of proactivity it is very rare that you’ll find yourself tied down.


1. Reflection


One of the most annoying parts of the EL curriculum is reflection. It is also one of the most beneficial parts. With reflection you gain power over yourself and you learn to know yourself better. Reflecting allows you the time to search into your soul and find out the real you. It is that deep.

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