Flawless: Ladies Tell ’em

The world is already a tough place for women with absurd beauty standards and glass ceilings that seem unbreakable. Shaming one another for being confident is the last thing we need and only holds us back as individuals and as a body. There is nothing wrong with thinking you have something to offer the world, whether it be your beauty, your personality or your mind. Cockiness is believing you are better than other people because of how you look, how intelligent you are or how talented you may be.

Confidence is recognizing your own positive attributes and abilities and believing in yourself. Achieving greatness is resolved by a woman believing in herself even when no one else does. Success means having assurance in yourself to achieve your goals so that you can push off the boundaries and limits that might be placed on you. So when someone is critical of another for having faith in herself, it only reinforces those limits, reinstates insecurity and tears that person down. So refuse to do that to anyone or to let anyone do that to you.

Do not think you are better than anyone. Having confidence is a daily struggle, but keep telling yourself that you are beautiful, smart and capable of anything you want to do because you are determined to believe in yourself. You should be driven to succeed. No one is perfect, no one is flawless and you should embrace that.

It isn’t actually about being flawless, but is about a mindset. You might not be Beyoncé, you are not superior to anyone, but you should be set on trusting in your own abilities and succeeding. Not only do you want to be successful, but all your fellow females need to be as well and that means reaffirming their belief in themselves and dismantling their self-doubt.

If another woman were to hashtag “#flawless” on her photo, instead of showing jealousy, and lack of your own self-belief and the desire to bring her down, snap for her, and be proud that she found her confidence.


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