Recap: Curiosity Week

Curiosity (Merriam-Webster Definition)

A strong desire to know or learn something.

Curiosity (ALA Definition)

We challenge the status quo and take the initiative to pursue new ideas.

This past year, second years at the African Leadership Academy (ALA) have learnt more than they can possibly remember about the ALA values, concepts and their application on a day to day basis.

This past term in particular have been centered on humility, compassion, humility, diversity but above all curiosity. All the tasks created by the EL somehow flowed together making it fun to learn but also keep up with. After our hardest experiential (this is subjective from person to person) which consisted of the second years putting themselves in the shoes of refugees living in Kakuma, a refugee camp located in North West Kenya, we were required to create solutions that would help the refugees in Kakuma. We had been put through 1/100th of what most refugees go through and expected to use it as a relatable experience to make a change in Kakuma.

Curiosity spilled all over the second years as some did more research into the lives of refugees and change makers. From the creation of video games like Home to raise awareness about the situation of the refugees, to concepts like Kakuma Has Got Talent that aimed to help the refugees explore their artistic sides, ALA second years showed their ability to work efficiently in teams, work on executive summaries and prototype their ideas.


Curiosity, though rushed, was a learning process that has left some of us with ideas that we may actually decide to implement in the near future.

This past year, the second years at ALA have learnt more about the ALA values and concepts than they can possibly remember but we don’t doubt their application on a day to day basis.

PS: Did you know that there is a car-sized rover on Mars exploring the Gale Crater is called Curiosity? Well, now you do.mars-rover-landing-sequence-landed_57831_600x450


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