Disney Songs That Explain the Process of Procrastination

1. Starting the Paper

Song: “I’ll Make A Man Out Of You”– Mulan


Lyrics: Let’s get down to business to defeat the Huns/ We must be swift as the coursing river/ With all the force of a great typhoon/ With all the strength of a raging fire/Mysterious as the dark side of the moon

Reason: You’re always enthusiastic when you first start working on a paper. You sometimes even like to imagine that finishing an essay is just as important to your class and grades as climbing a wooden pole with weights attached to your arms is to defeating some Huns.


2. The Inevitable Distraction

Song: “Hakuna Matata” – Lion King

hakuna matata

Lyrics: Hakuna Matata/ What a wonderful phrase/ Hakuna Matata/ Ain’t no passing craze/ It means no worries/ For the rest of your days/It’s our problem free philosophy/Hakuna Matata!!!

Reason: Once you have made a little progress on your paper, you start to feel overly confident that you can finish it in no time. Since you’re sure of yourself, you are feeling worry free and usually take a quick Facebook, Tumblr, Twitter, BuzzFeed (and the list goes on) break.

3. Procrastination

Song: “The Lazy Song” – Bruno Mars

lazy song

Lyrics: Today I don’t feel like doing anything/ I just want to lay in my bed

Reason: Need I say more? All of a sudden you just don’t feel like doing anything and so you don’t do anything. Procrastination at its best. (This is not a Disney song, but it’s the perfect procrastination song)

4. Getting Back on Track

Song: “Go The Distance” – Hercules


Lyrics: I will find my way/I can go the distance/I’ll be there someday/If I can be strong/I know every mile/Will be worth my while/I will go most anywhere

Reason: After realising that you need to do something, you get focused and figure out how you can get your paper done with the highest grade possible, in the least amount of time and with the most amount of sleep. Sure, it’s not exactly the same as going on a quest to become a true hero and put on 50 pounds of muscle mass, but it is close enough.

5. The Sugar High

Song: “I’ve Got No Strings” – Pinocchio


Lyrics: I’ve got no strings/To Hold me down/To make me fret, or make me frown/I had strings/But now I’m free/There are no strings on me

Reason: It doesn’t matter if it is Monster, Red Bull or Skittles, this is the point in the night where you are crashing fast and need a quick pick up. Of course, once the sugar or caffeine has actually kicked in, you feel like you can finish anything, whether it be your paper or the three bags of chips you bought.

6. The Finishing Touches

Song: “You Can Fly” – Peter Pan

Peter Pan

Lyrics: It’s a very simple place/You can do what the birdies can/At least it’s worth a try/You can fly! You can fly!/You can fly! You can fly!

Reason: Perhaps it’s because you can see the sunrise. Or maybe it’s just because you are delirious from lack of sleep; either way, you fly through the rest of my paper, usually finishing it within an hour of your caffeine and junk food binge.

7. Turning in the Paper

Song: “Circle Of Life” – Lion King

Lion King

Lyrics: It’s the Circle of Life/ And it moves us all/Through despair and hope/Through faith and love/Until we find out place/On the path unwinding/In the Circle/The Circle of Life

Reason: This song finishes the list of six Disney songs plus The Lazy Song by Bruno Mars that explain the process of procrastination. That is because, even if it’s only from getting an hour and a half of sleep, as soon as you turn in that paper, you start to feel connected to everything in the in the universe. This includes your bed, which you usually find myself climbing into for a nice nap after class.


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