African Leadership Space Program [April Fool’s]

In a low key release on Monday the 31st of March, founder of African Leadership Academy, Christopher Bradford, announced the opening of his latest venture, the African Leadership Space Program.

Based in Namibia, Bradford stated that the program would be used to train the new generation of African leaders that wished to conquer the new frontier of space. Based around several training courses, students will have the opportunity to learn about the logistics of building in space, space tourism, and be introduced to the various networks that already exist within the growing platform, while incorporating African Leadership Academy’s distinct leadership program.

“We have the utmost faith in the success of this project,” Bradford stated.” With the opportunities that are yet to be harnessed in the space industry, Africa certainly has a chance to take a steady foothold. It is an opportunity which cannot be wasted by the rising leaders of Africa.”

The program is set to launch on 1 April, 2089, on April Fools Day.


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