It’s That Time of the Year

About three months left till graduation. Well it’s actually that time of the year where the ratio of happy to disappointed people cannot be equal. Opening your email account is now an ongoing activity, you probably open in more than three times within an hour. As you wait for colleges to send you your decisions, time seems to be moving slow. You receive your first rejection letter and start to question your own capabilities and want to plan a gap year. You get over excited because of your admissions to a certain school and everything in your mind is connecting to the future.
How does one celebrate others achievements while they themselves are in sorrow? How do you wake up and tell your friend that you have made in to the university which they were rejected by? How do you make a status update expressing your joy without making people around you feel lose hope? It’s hard but we have to go through it either way. Remember that college admission was not the only reason you came to ALA. A gap year is actually a good way to prototype that OID you could not do last summer. Work hard on making your final CIE grades the best, you might want to apply for college admission later this year. Work on finding an internship in your home country, it would be great to spend an extra year with family before college life. For those who are definitely going to college congratulations. Your true friends will definitely celebrate your successes, no matter what they are going through. Get ready for an awesome independence experience. Make most of your time in ALA with that person who you might never see again. Enjoy every moment and remember to support those who aim to get where you are. It is that time of the year to leverage the ALA values of COMPASSION and EXCELLENCE.

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