Why Almost Everyone Has Lost Faith in the Student Government.

Every year, the ALA community selects a group of people that they believe are capable of leading the student body. The student body expects their government to speak out for them whilst the administration expects the government to communicate rules and regulations. However, it seems that the faith that was strong once upon a time in the student government is diminishing rapidly.

One can tell by the number of grumbles heard throughout the auditorium when the student government asks for them to stay behind after Dean’s Talks, through the number of people that run for posts but above all through the complaints students have towards the Student Government.

We asked around, listened to conversations and these are some of the reasons students have lost faith in the student government.

1)      Students have lost faith in the Student Government because candidates who are running for posts don’t tell them what they are going to do but rather, bash their opponents or the outgoing government. One candidate running for chairman spent 2 minutes of speech time telling us how NOT to run a Government. What if he had spent that time telling us what you would do to run a Government? The snippy comments made during the chairs debates, some of them were simply unnecessary.

2)      Why is there a need for two chair heads? What does a chairman do that is different from that of a chairlady? Arguably, if it was strictly a chairperson, the post would be more prestigious because only those seriously up for the job would run.

3)      Some people run because they have been nominated not because they are passionate.

4)      Some people run because they want titles to add onto the Common Application once the college application process begins.

5)      As a student body, we rarely see what some sectors of the Student Government do in terms of delivering on the promises that were made when campaigning.

6)      The Student Government has become a popularity contest. It isn’t about who could actually deliver anymore but it is about who has more friends clapping and yelling for them in the audience. The yelling gets so loud that you don’t hear what the candidates are promising. You vote and you complain because the minority wasn’t heard.

7)      The vague promises made in debates and campaigns remind me of the same African politicians we are trying to get rid of.

Students, we have a choice. This is the one time that our voice actually matters so forget who your friend is, who bashed his/her opponent the most and as you tick your ballot, vote wisely.

3 thoughts on “Why Almost Everyone Has Lost Faith in the Student Government.

  1. Guys what to seam not to understand is that the student government is an institution in the school and it is not the administration. In most cases we tend to make allegations, decisions and conclusions based on assumptions and personal affiliations we are not living in a vacuum, we are living in an environment full of external and internal pressure and you cannot afford to flatten our decisions based on unknowns. Think about this ALA students are the talented tenth but remember we are living in a world with almost 9 billion people and we are only 195. The same way you SCAMPER your ideas, SCAMPER you assumptions.


  2. To whomever it may concern,

    Reading this article was quite depressing for me. Once upon a time while I was an ALA student we put a lot of effort into student government. A few years later I am still very passionate about government despite being an alumni. If there is any way Alumni can be of help please feel free to reach me on Facebook. We would be more than glad to do anything we can.



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