The Friends You Learn From…

For some of us friendships are worthless while for others they mean a lot. It has been years since the term “friends” existed and trust me it has had multiple meanings. I am not writing this to define what friendship is but to outline the role of friends in one’s life.

All the sweet and lovely tales told about friends have made the concept of friendship sound like this smooth sail, well not necessarily. Friends are seasonal, they are there for a certain period of time. Some are there for long and some are just there to comfort you in times of need. There are those friends who just come to give you lessons on betrayal while others are there to help you practise survival tactics. This might sound mean and unacceptable but it is the truth. However there are those kind of friends will surely put a smile on your face. They will do all the crazy activities with you, contact you when they need a friend and most likely help you discover yourself. It’s true, people come and go but the lessons they shared with you will always make a part of who you are.
Remember those days when your life revolved around a certain group of people? When your friend knew every possible information to be shared about you? Those were the good old days and I guess the memories have stuck with you till today. But have you ever set down and thought about the day a so called friend avoided you because you became boring? The time when he/she left you to drown in your own tears? These are also days you need to cherish, because they have given you another side of the journey of friendships. There is not much to worry about if your friend is your all in one BUT remember that one day they will be the one out of all who provoke your tears.
“Friendships are like books, you buy one because it seemed interesting or some other person suggested it to you. You read it for a specific period of time, it might be fun at the very beginning or towards the end. When you are done reading, your first thought is to pack it away until the day you might want to give it to someone or read it again.”

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