Chairs Debate

In politics, words can be used as a weapon of mass destruction. They are not only used to convey ideas but to make personal statements about the leaders ready to take the population on to the next level, which has something to do with better conditions and a system that promotes democracy. With this being said, the above statement resonates the recent chairs debate.
The purpose of this was to put the potential chairmen and women on a platform where they could bite into each other’s ideas, learn from each other, defend their opinions and let the entire community hear what they have to offer the student government and ALA community. However, this particular debate was a reminder to everyone of how important it is to articulate yourself properly and fight for an idea in which you believe in, this was clearly shown when things got a little heated and the candidates started using powerful words to stand their ground and defend their ideas
It was rather interesting to see how the candidates were focused on changing systems and implementing new bodies into the government. This shows how far the student government in itself has come because now they have moved from being a complaint body and trying to make the students happy to implementing solid ideas and projects which will benefit the community at large.
One could argue that tensions were high and the extended 15 minutes which ran into prep only created more confusion amongst the students as now every candidate proved to be worthy of the role. However, it is through events such as this one where one realises the beauty of ALA. The fact that a bunch of teenagers can have a political standing on how they want their community to be has proven to not only harness the next generation of African leaders but also give them the platform to learn the art of having a political impact on your community.

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