Things To Do Before You Graduate

It’s about that time of the year where graduation is so far but yet so near. You feel like you have all the time in the world today, and tomorrow you’re feeling like the walls are closing in and time is running out. To be on the safe side be in control of this time and do stuff! Count down and be ready and have a list of things to do. Here’s something to start you off:

Pull an all-nighter:

Hang with friends and throw in some movies, games or social networking. High school is an ideal time to do this, because you don’t have too many responsibilities, yet you’re old enough to keep your eyes open all night long.

Stop caring about what other people think:

You’ll be significantly more comfortable in your own skin and enjoy the here and now.

Clean up your Facebook:

After graduation, you want to start off fresh. Go through all those “friends” and remove the ones that are more like an I-was-in-your-first-year-bio-class acquaintance. You’ll be stepping out into the more professional world, so do what you can to remove unseemly posts and revise your privacy settings.

 Talk to someone you’ve never talked to before:

Once you’re in high school, the cliques tend to become set in stone, but break out of your ordinary routine by expanding your network. New friends are found in the most unlikely places.

Go on a road trip:

Hit the road with your best buds and enjoy the journey as the big, wide world flies past your car window.

 Learn to cook, clean and do laundry:

Once you head to college or get a place of your own, these household chores will become survival skills you need for living away from home.

Get your driver’s license:

Getting your license will push you toward that independence and self-sufficiency you’re yearning for. Also, it’s much more convenient to learn and practice driving when you’re at home rather than at college.

Volunteer ALA style:

It helps you get involved with your community and grow as a person. There is such a wide range of possibilities that there will be an opportunity for any passion you have. You’ll meet interesting people and also feel great about making a difference.

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