I Am A Feminist

Being a feminist today is not just simply about throwing off the proverbial chains of sexism. Modern feminism means supporting women, men and transgender, no matter the colour of their skin or who they choose to love, and tearing down the walls of injustice and inequality.

“As a feminist, I am not just pro-woman; I am pro-everyone. Those concepts I listed of equality for women are fundamental for all those living in the world. Inequality for anyone is injustice for all.”

“I do not believe in gender roles”

If boys want to play with Barbies, if girls want to collect transformers, if men want to be nurses and if women decide to become fire fighters, it is all okay with me. Society has defined what it means to be a woman.

Just because I am a woman does not mean it should be predisposed for me to want to be in the kitchen all day long and clean up after a man and children.

 “I desire for the self-esteem of women to rise”

The reality of the situation is that the media and Hollywood are constantly defining what it means to be an attractive woman. We have to stop accepting the ideals of beauty that are constantly presented to us, including those about body image

It is not ok for women and young girls to be told they need a thigh gap in order to be wanted by men or featured in a magazine.

“I believe women are just as capable as men”

Women are as intelligent, cunning and as creative as men are. Sure, scientifically speaking, men are genetically set up to be stronger than women. Do I think that means a woman cannot work out and build up her strength to out lift a man? Definitely not.

It is often said that women are better parents than men because of a nurturing instinct. Does that mean a man cannot work to be as nurturing or as excellent of a parent as a woman? Definitely not.

To me, being a feminist just means being a decent human being. What does it mean to you?



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