5 Things ALA Students Say

ALA is a great place where you get to have sometimes fun, sometimes infuriating new experiences. No matter how you feel about the things you go through at ALA, there’s no denying that they can be very unique to say the least. Here are 5 things almost every student at ALA says in some version or another, at some point.
1. “Um…I know the change is R50 and you can give me a note but can I please have some R2 coins?”
ALA is great, because you can wash your clothes for free! Zero monies required! WoopWoop! But wait! What do you do with your wet clothes? Hang them outside maybe…but the line is so far away and it’s raining, so then what? Well, you’ll have to use one of the dryers, and that requires (look, a stray rhyme!)…that requires R2 coins. And because of this, asking for them at shops has become part of your life. And you wonder where the money goes don’cha? Well it’s used to buy iron #145 for your hall for one thing, as well as other things in the dorms. So chin up! It doesn’t matter if cashiers stare. Get them coins!

2. “It’s chips for lunch….RUN!” Everyone on Earth appreciates a good chip. This may not be a fact but from the food committee board, many people at ALA apparently do. The unfortunate thing is that we don’t get them very often here, and when we do, if you do not break into a cool, composed, inconspicuous sprint, you’re not going to get any. I have personally had the person in front of me on the line get the last chip. True disappointment is real. So run, chip-lovers, run.

Does this one need too much explaining? It’s happened to everyone. You’re having a nice conversation on facebook or skype with friends back home, laughing at your own witty messages and you fail to realize that, Heavens! It’s almost midnight! And with midnight does the Internet stop working. So you have to bring your chat to an abrupt, frantic end, to get those words out before the clock strikes 12. Sometimes you succeed, sometimes its Cinderella all over again.

4. *Running out of the dorms* “ouch!”
You know when you haven’t had wave your hand over the sensor to leave the dorms for two weeks? It’s nice because you can just push the door and zoom through it. What isn’t as nice is when suddenly the door is locked again without you knowing and you end up crashing into it. Even worse is when you know subconsciously, but it’s just been so long since it worked that you still crash into it. Yeah…Hopefully no one saw you, but if they did, they probably smiled, because they know the feel.

5. “Can we not carry the food past that large crowd? Please?”
There’s a lot of sharing at ALA, be it books, clothes or food. Especially food. Picture this; you ordered pizza. You’ve been dreaming about how you’re going to snuggle up with your food and laptop and watch that new episode of that awesome series. You walk happily to the dorms, and suddenly, you have the attention of 10 people. They’re your friends and they’re hungry. Long story short, you walk to your room with enough pizza to get you through the theme song of your show only. Vaguely familiar? It’s okay…it’s all part of being a community, and sometimes you’re one of the hungry friends. It’s the circle of life (at ALA.)

These are just 5 things ALA students say but we know there are many more. Have fun discovering them.

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