CEL Exposed

As students we are always exposed to the faculty. They are the ones whose lessons we have to sit through, they are the ones who give us assignments, and they are the ones who we love or hate. It’s great that we love the faculty at ALA but the term coined by ALAians to describe the employees in school is ‘Staffulty’. That is Staff + Faculty but as ALAians we often forget about the Staff. So we investigated the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership to give ALAians a clear understanding of what the Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership is about.


This is the organizational chart to help you out visually.CEL Chart


The Centre for Entrepreneurial Leadership is the heart of ALA. They are the body that creates the special curriculum that ALA develops and finds ways in which they can expand this curriculum to the outside world. As you can see the head of the CEL is Mr. Josh Adler. Under him is Mr. O who heads the EL department, which is focused on teaching EL. Mr. O and the rest of the EL department make up the faculty department. However, there is another realm of the CEL, which is the staff.


The Staff of the CEL consists of Ms. Melissa, Ms. Ruth, and Ms. Chi. Below is a basic job description of each of the staff members in the CEL.


Ms. Melissa

We know Ms. Melissa and it’s because a part of her job involved aiding the EL department and making sure out lessons go as smoothly as possible. However, her other roles are to assist Mr. Adler, design for the CEL department and oversee logistics for external projects such as social innovation camps, Global Scholars Program, and BUILD in Box.


Ms. Ruth

Ms. Ruth’s job is to evaluate the value that ALA brings to the rest of the community. Whenever an external project has been held, she assesses the value it brings. She is the one who lets the CEL department know that the work they are doing is useful or useless.


Ms. Chi

She is the head of the Anzisha Prize. The Anzisha prize is a subset of the CEL that aims to empower young African Entrepreneurs and leaders who didn’t get the chance to come to ALA. The applicants are we also know Ms. Chi quite well because she advertises the Anzisha prize so we can get our friends and family involved.


So hopefully this gave more information about what the CEL department does. Think of EL as the special curriculum that we learn at ALA and then think of CEL as the medium that spreads what we learn at ALA to the rest of the world.


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