Last night, I realised I was stressed. So I did what I always do when I am stressed.

I went on 9gag.

And then an hour went by. Then another one. Then another one. And another one. Aaand then it was morning. Yes. I spent all night on 9gag and I am not ashamed.

Then I rolled out of bed and had to go to class. I was irritated all day, barely awake in class. But best of all, I had missed a deadline.

*That afternoon after school:*

Le me: I wonder what’s new on 9gag today

*goes on 9gag and looks at posts for an hour until realising that those are yesterday’s posts*

Le me: aargh. Lets go to Buzzfeed.

*spends two hours on Buzzfeed*

I know this is counterproductive, but I do it the next day, with variations on the routine. Some days I spend time on Instagram seeing the latest in filter technology. Other days its College Humor or The Oatmeal.

Then there’s the king of all stress-relieving webistes: The Useless Web

I  just had an epiphany. What if the reason I need to go on 9gag is 9gag itself? It makes sense.

I spend all night on 9gag, then miss class, then get Saturday prep, then get stressed, then go on Buzzfeed.

This needs to stop.

But life is never that deep. #YOLO


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