The Hand Over


Letting go is one of the hardest things in life, especially letting go of something that is very important to you. What’s even harder is giving it to someone on a silver platter. After all the sleepless nights, the fights, complaining, venting, moaning, achievements and improvements it was time for the Class of 2014 to hand over their Student Enterprise Programs known as SEP’s to their junior class, the Class of 2015.
ALA is a unique institution focused on Entrepreneurial Leadership. Its students are given a real life experience of what the corporate world is all about through the SEP programme. Throughout the years this program has grown leaps and bounds and the experience is definitely worthwhile.
31 April 2014 was the Hand Over, the current team (Class of 2014) passed over their SEPs to their successors. In order to prepare first years for this take over, EL teachers ensured that they are well prepared to work as a team. Throughout  this academic year it was evident that team dynamics were a huge setback for many SEPs, some recovered, some found the healing formula earlier and some never experienced such. It is for that reason that a week was dedicated to team building exercises- lessons about collaboration and conflict.
“It is quite imperative that students became aware about the inevitability of conflict and how to deal with it when it arises; it enables them to grow from one stage of team development to the other.”
The Class of 2014 argues that if SEP’s had been handed over earlier to them they definitely would have outdone themselves. On the other hand, this is an overwhelming experience for first years. One minute you are trying to figure what ALA is about, the other you are thrown into a team with people from all parts of the continent. You  could fight, or dislike each other for a while (if it gets that deep), you have presentations to worry about and you get on a journey to discover who you are and just when everything is a little rosier and less thorny – you are thrown into another OID group and expected to love your team, work well together and if your OID doesn’t make it to the SEP program, you get grumpy about it. Just when you start moving on from the traumatic OID experience – you are thrown into the SEP program and you have to start from ground zero.
While this time has been very hard for some, every second year deserves a  pat on the back for a job well done. Angaza, Duka Bora, Radio Skika & many other SEPs have grown from September until now. It is time for the Class of 2015 to rise to the occasion and fulfil the expectations placed on them by the predecessors, board members and SEP coaches – goodluck firsties.

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